Microsoft Consulting Services Dallas, Texas

Upgrade your Microsoft programs and services with our Microsoft business consultants to increase your company’s ROI. PWR Technologies can help you optimize IT strategies, update infrastructure, and provide support when needed.

Enhance your business with Microsoft’s intelligent productivity suite

Improve collaboration

Reduce capital spend

Enjoy better scalability

Enhance security

Upgrade remote working capabilities

Business solutions with Microsoft and PWR Technologies

PWR Technologies understands the need for sustainable business growth and technology that drives your business success. As a Microsoft Partner based in the United States, we can provide your organization with the right software solutions to enable digital transformation and business innovation.

We create secure, scalable, and high-performing Microsoft 365 cloud solutions. Whether you need to set-up a new on-premise or cloud-based infrastructure, we’re here to help you. Our dedicated team of engineers will work with you to design an exclusive solution that takes into account your current software programs, network configuration, and budget requirements.

Led by a team of expert Microsoft business consultants, PWR Technologies continues to be at the forefront of Microsoft innovations in business. If you’re ready to increase your competitive advantage and enhance the way your business operates, we can help.

We specialize in all areas of the Microsoft business stack by addressing the challenges our clients face with industry-leading, problem-solving skills, guaranteed to improve your workplace efficiency and help your people work smarter.

Your organization can leverage our partner status and receive the skills, expertise, and data protection needed to transform your business for the digital future, by focusing on what you do best while utilizing the power of Microsoft.

Microsoft: helping your business become more competitive

Microsoft is an industry leader in business solutions, and that’s no surprise. They offer products and services that empower organizations to be more productive, secure, intelligent, and collaborative so they can stay competitive in the global marketplace.

The team at PWR Technologies knows your business needs smarter, more sustainable ways to increase competitiveness, and we can help you reach your goals. With a comprehensive range of services and solutions, we leverage the power of Microsoft to help boost your business.

Our team of Microsoft consultants will deliver enterprise-level expertise and skills in the latest cloud technologies, and can help you set up and maintain your Microsoft services. We offer flexible payment plans, 24/7 customer support, and an on-call team that will endeavor to understand your business operations from the inside out to ensure you have the Microsoft technology you need to thrive.

PWR Technologies’ mission is to make your job easier by providing you with smart technology solutions that aim to make you and your team more productive and secure. We work with companies of all sizes to help them leverage technology to gain the competitive edge in their industries, and will help you design and implement a solution unique to your company’s needs.

Imagine the endless possibilities Microsoft can bring

Our Microsoft solutions are intended to help SMBs tackle their digital transformation and step into the future of business. The team of Microsoft-certified experts at PWR Technologies will take care of all your problems and optimize your entire Microsoft setting for your ideal modern work environment.

We’ll work hard to keep your business productive with Microsoft’s intelligent power platform of business applications, so maximize your ROI with a certified Microsoft Partner.

Our services include:

  • Microsoft 365 suite
  • Azure
  • SharePoint
  • Teams
  • Power BI
  • OneDrive
  • Dynamics 365
  • Windows

PWR Technologies: the Microsoft consultants you’ve been looking for

PWR Technologies is a managed IT services company that specializes in providing Microsoft consulting and solutions to small and medium businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area and across Texas.

As the tech industry becomes more competitive and the demand for skills-based talent continues to rise, we provide an affordable, convenient and efficient solution for maintaining your Microsoft software. Our team of expert IT techs are highly-skilled at troubleshooting your devices, updating your operating system, and providing ongoing support and management to your entire Microsoft environment.

Our highly trained team of experts can offer solutions in various industries such as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, IT service management, consumer goods, and retail.

We aim to provide new ways for your company to innovate and grow by offering you the tailored IT services and solutions your business needs. We work with you to help you decide what issues your business is facing and how we can help address those needs, so contact the team to see what we can do for you.

Personal Touch, Quick Response, Problem Solvers! 

We really appreciate the personal touch and the quick response time at PWR Technologies. We are happy with all the work they have done for us.

I highly recommend your IT firm.  We had so many problems before choosing PWR and now they are very minimal! Plus, you will love PWR Technologies, LLC!!!

Kathy Lonborg Office Manager
Leigh Ann Soctt, M.D.
Irving, TX

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