As the world of technology rapidly evolves, we face changes on many different levels of life. The traditional model of working has shifted into something new, and our workplace is no longer a desk and an office, if we don’t want it to be.

As organizations around the world adapt to the new normal of remote working and a post-pandemic world, Microsoft’s Modern Workplace transformation capabilities have stepped into the fore and become a core component of the future workplace.

Technology not only improves the way we work. It also offers higher standards of productivity and increases satisfaction of employees and offers businesses a competitive edge like never before.

If your business doesn’t know what a modern workplace looks like, there are many benefits to take on board, and the expert advice of a Microsoft consultant can help you to roadmap your adoption of this exciting technology.

What is the Microsoft modern workplace? 

At its core, Microsoft’s Modern Workplace is a new way of working that uses cloud-based Microsoft 365 technologies, creating an agile workplace that evolves as your company grows. With the new-look Office 365, Microsoft’s Modern Workplace transformation solutions have taken things a step further to add increased flexibility and layers of security that offers business owners confidence their remote working setups are secure, and their employees can be productive, without posing a security risk.

Microsoft’s Modern Workplace technologies tick all the boxes for businesses to stay agile, improving features to encourage productivity, security, and collaboration while increasing user satisfaction.

Cybersecurity attacks have increased exponentially over the last few years, as more employees worked from home during the global pandemic, so there has been an urgent need to ensure remote and virtual teams are protected. Employees working remotely need to access files easily, sometimes on multiple devices, which increases the risk of cyber threats.

Microsoft 365 includes a raft of tools with encryption, from SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and Office 365. Microsoft Intune integrates with Azure Active Directory and allows business administrators better control over who has access and what they can access on business networks.

How much Microsoft’s Modern Workplace benefits your business depends on the plan you opt for, which includes Business and Enterprise. It’s important to ensure the configuration is done correctly to get the most from the security features. This is when the services of Microsoft solutions experts are invaluable, as they can support and assist with the planning, adoption, and leveraging of the software, to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Why does my business need Microsoft’s modern workplace? 

The nature of work has changed forever. As businesses consider their future, acknowledging the needs and demands of their workforce is critical to ensuring growth and success. Almost 90% of employees have indicated they aren’t interested in the traditional 9-5 office work model and would like to embrace a hybrid remote working model.

Central to realizing this future is the adoption of the modern workplace. Today, employees can be scattered across towns, states, or countries. There is nothing to prevent a modern company from powering into the future with the modern tools available.

While enhancing communication, collaboration, and productivity from anywhere in the world, Microsoft’s Modern Workplace transformation abilities offer significant cost savings to businesses as well. Closing physical office space and reducing reliance on and maintenance of physical hardware frees up revenue that can be reinvested into the business in more innovative ways. Your business has a competitive advantage while staying productive and safe against potential security threats.

Enhanced security features 

Microsoft’s security features only allow authorized users to access your IT (Information Technology) environment. Microsoft Office 365 includes added features such as:

  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  • Microsoft Information Protection
  • Defender for Cloud Apps
  • Defender for O365
  • Defender for Identity
  • Azure Password Protection

Another important security feature is multi-factor authentication to provide that extra protection for your critical business data. This increases your security posture and defends against cyber threats, protecting your systems, data, email, and devices from malware, data breaches, and phishing attacks.

Scalable and flexible 

If your business can’t keep up with the constantly evolving changes technology presents and leverage these changes to implement a complete digital transformation, then it can be left behind. Microsoft Modern Workplace benefits your business by enabling all the aspects of a modern, scalable workplace, coupled with the flexible subscription levels to ensure you are only paying for what you use.

If things change and you need to scale up for a particular project or add on more employees, Microsoft’s Modern Workplace technologies don’t skip a beat in scaling with your business.

Empowering collaboration and communication 

Having your data stored in the cloud can make your files and data easily accessible and shareable among various devices, communities, and teams. Plus, you can seamlessly transition between tools like instant messaging to file-sharing or video calls.

Microsoft Modern Workplace benefits your company by offering solutions with user-friendly interfaces and collaborative tools, enabling your employees to find all their work needs in one centralized space. This guarantees seamless communication and collaboration among your employees, which results in higher productivity and accelerated business achievements.

Organizations are looking for ways to be productive and competitive in today’s rapidly evolving business world and the team at PWR Technologies can help you to reach those goals. Leverage our status as a Microsoft Partner and take your business into the future with Microsoft’s Modern Workplace technologies, strategies, and tools that will leave the others behind.